Winter Inspection

Halloween has been and gone, the witches and goblins have departed and now the reindeers and elves have arrived. With Santa’s sleigh not too far away and Christmas just around the corner, the road trips to see family and friends over the holidays are almost here.



At FastFit Station we’re trying to spread the word of safety on the roads this winter! We’re offering a winter inspection for just £29.99! This makes sure parts of your car are ready for those long winter drives. If you combine it with a Major Service, you will only pay £19.99!



Winter Tyres are available in all makes and sizes at rock bottom prices.  Helping to keep our customers safe this winter!



For any more information or to book your winter inspection then just give your local FastFit Station a call or visit and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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Recent Flooding

A winter of rain and flooding has caused havoc for many people around the UK. From damaged houses over the Christmas period to long delays for drivers, it appears to have been relentless. With large amounts of people having to flee their homes for their own safety it’s important not to forget the transport issues in all of the mayhem.


Some people have been “risking it” in their vehicles through deep flood water which is never a good idea. If you attempt to tackle moving water that’s deeper than 30cm, there is a chance that your vehicle could be caught in the current and swept along. The Environment Agency advises not to tackle water any deeper than 10cm as this is a potential safety risk and can cause serious damage to your vehicle.


SO don’t risk the water especially if you don’t know how deep it is, use your common sense, be responsible and find an alternative route!


Visit the Continental website for more details on flood water safety.

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Does Your SatNav Make You Swear?


Do you turn the air blue when driving with your SatNav? A recent study by Direct Line showed that 55% of drivers end up swearing when using a SatNav compared to 31% who felt the need for profane language without!

And women are worse offenders than men, with 48% of women losing their cool while behind the wheel compared to 40% of men. The study used eye-tracking technology to monitor their driving behaviour to find that only 22% of the participants were actually aware of swearing more than usual.

Unsurprisingly, younger drivers were more susceptible to four-letter words whereas only 15% of motorists aged between 40 and 49 using profanity to make themselves feel better…

It seems that even mild-mannered people are as likely as any other to use expletives when behind the wheel, especially during stressful and irritating situations like being tail-gated or driving behind a slow driver. One of the most annoying instances for the male participants appeared to be when another driver used the outer lane when not overtaking, which was more than twice as likely to cause a man to swear than a woman. For women the worst offender was being cut up by another driver.

Direct Line offered a few tips for avoiding getting irate when driving, such as:

* Making sure you’re comfortable while behind the wheel – having a sore back or neck because of a badly adjusted seat can make you more irritable than usual.

* Plan your journey and make sure you know where you’re going and how to get there – getting lost or accidentally taking a wrong turn is likely to make anyone annoyed.

* Try to rise above it and avoid letting bad or aggressive drivers get to you. You’re more likely to drive recklessly or dangerously if you’re angry.

* Keep distractions to a minimum, including listening to music, eating and drinking.

We can’t help you drive completely stress-free but we can help you to avoid an irritating flat tyre or technical failure while driving – get your car checked out at FastFit Station for your MOT or car service to ensure that breaking down isn’t one of those moments that makes you say something like *************!!!!

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Advice from FastFit Station to keep you safe and motoring through the snow and ice

FastFit Station – your local garage in Milton Keynes wants to help keep you moving this Winter. With the abundance of snow and ice we’ve recently encountered, along with below freezing temperatures it looks likely that poor driving conditions are here to stay for a while. Read on for some winter driving tips and stay safe.

Make sure you allow plenty of time for your journey and let someone know the route you are taking. Drive at a reduced speed in poor visibility and poor road conditions. Use your headlights and fog lights in thick fog, remembering to turn them off when the weather has improved. Ensure you keep a good distance from the vehicle in front and be extra cautious of what other vehicles around you might do. Be vigilant of the tell-tale glistening on roads in icy conditions. Brake lightly when stopping to avoid skidding. Drive as smoothly as possible and don’t make any sudden manoeuvres.

  • Ensure you’re fully prepared for the journey ahead by checking your battery is fully charged and all your lights are working. The windscreen wipers need to be in full working order with a winter additive added to your screen wash to help keep your screen clear and clean. All your windows should be clear as the glare of the winter sun can make it difficult to see through a dirty windscreen. Any snow or ice should be fully cleared off the roof and around your vehicle. It can fly off during driving causing a hazard to other road users. You should check the tyre pressures are correct and have plenty of tread depth. If you’ve had winter tyres fitted you will really see and feel the difference. Make sure your car has had it’s service to keep it well maintained. We are currently offer half price car servicing in Milton Keynes on all makes and models of vehicles until the end of January.

Compile an emergency kit to keep in the boot of your vehicle consisting of essentials such as an ice scraper and de-icer, a torch, warm clothes and a blanket, food and drink, boots, a first-aid kit, battery jump leads and a small spade.

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The history of the Cats Eye

My son asked today “how do they change the batteries in the Cat’s Eye”.  I did explain that they were reflective and they were reflecting the lights back at us to show us where the road goes.

However the Cat’s Eye has an interesting past and was invented nearly 80 years ago! The cleaver little device originated in the UK and is now used all over the world. The Cat’s Eye is made up of two pairs of reflective glass spheres set into a white rubber dome. This is mounted into a cast iron housing, which is then situated in the road. Cat’s Eyes have developed over the years and now different colours indicate where to leave a carriageway.  The cast iron mounting also works to alert the driver as you feel the car rumble over the bump in the road.

Shaw the inventor is responsible for saving many lives over the last eighty years.  Percy Shaw reached a respectable age of 82 passing away in 1976. There are several stories of how he came up with the idea as he gave different stories to different people. Percy became eccentric in later life he keep three T.Vs on constantly one on each of the three channels, all muted! You would have thought that the inventor of one of the world’s best gadgets would have been extremely wealthy. Whilst he was be no means poor his estate was valued at £193,500 in 1976 which is worth an estimated 1.5 million pounds at today’s value.


For more car news, advice check out Fastfit Stations blog page. We are your local garage in Milton Keynes looking after all your vehicle needs from new tyres and exhausts to MOTs and car servicing. Once you’ve discovered our good old fashioned service you won’t take your motor anywhere else!

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Working wiper blades this Winter

They are a crucial component to your vehicle yet they are one of the most neglected. Having efficiently working wiper blades are a necessity all year round but particular so in the winter.

We advise you to check your wiper blades regular and if they start making unusual sounds, are not moving smoothly or leave smears and streaks then its time to have them replaced. It is important to check them regularly in order to help maintain the best visibility in poor and hazardous driving conditions. Working windscreen wipers will help to keep your screen clear from rain, sleet, debris and steam that can restrict your view. Driving in these conditions is bad enough as it is without making the situation worse by having a screen that you are unable to clear and barely see out of.

Be cautious of turning on your windscreen wipers on a cold frozen morning. You could potential rip off the runner on your wipers or possibly blow a fuse if they are frozen solid to the screen. Ensure you use a scraper and de-icer fluid beforehand to remove the frost. Never use boiling water from the kettle, even if you’re running late – unless you want a cracked windscreen! You should also clear off heavy snow prior to using wipers so not to put too much strain on the blades.

For more car advice and tips check out Fastfit Station’s blog page. Our garages based in Milton Keynes can help keep your screens clear whatever the weather. We also think that you should have a clear view of the price too. All of our prices include both the wiper blades and the fitting and are guaranteed for 12 months! For a free quote simply enter your vehicle details via this link.

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Essential driving tips in the winter – Part 2

  • In our previous blog - Essential driving tips in the winter – Part 1 we discussed the importance of having your vehicle regularly serviced and maintained and listed some useful items you should ideally store in the boot prior to setting off on your journey. So how should you drive in certain wintry conditions. For some new and inexperienced drivers the thought of getting behind a wheel in the snow or ice is truly terrifying. Read on to discover some useful tips when faced with snow and ice on the road and adept your driving as required.


Reduce your speed – the chances of skidding are much higher and your stopping distance will increase hugely.

  • Drive only at a speed of which you can stop within the distance you can see to be clear. The speed limits set are usually much too fast in hazardous conditions.
  • Try not to brake too harshly nor accelerate too quickly.Avoid sharp steering.
  • Ensure you reduce your speed smoothly, judging and allowing enough time on slippery surfaces.
  • Allow plenty of time to slow down before bends and corners.
  • It is very dangerous to brake on an icy or snow covered bend. Your vehicle could end up spinning due to the centrifugal force which will pull you outwards causing the wheels to be less grippy.
  • To avoid your wheels locking when braking on ice or snow select a lower gear than normal and allow your speed to fall before applying your brakes very gently.
  • As you may need up to TEN TIMES the normal distance for braking ensure you leave a big gap between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Make sure you keep your vehicle well-ventilated. An overheated car can make you feel sleepy and cause you to lose concentration.
  • During snowy conditions stop often to clean the windows, wheel arches, lights and number plates.
  • Use dipped headlights when visibility is poor.


Should you find yourself stuck in the snow avoid revving your engine to try and get out of it. This will inevitably make the situation worse. Instead select the highest gear you can and move your vehicle slowly forwards. If this proves to be unsuccessful you may have to ask for someone to give you a push or start digging with your shovel!


For all your winter car servicing needs look no further than Fastfit Station. From winter tyres to MOTs your friendly local garage in Milton Keynes can help keep your motoring all year round.

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Is your vehicle ready for the big freeze?

So many parts of the country have seen a dusting of that white stuff already and those five extra minutes in bed are now taken up with having to scrape the ice off your vehicle. Don’t be caught out this winter, read on to make sure you’re prepared for the big freeze and don’t end up in the cold!

Breakdown Cover – The past few years have seen a record amount of call outs to breakdown companies as motorists battled their way through the ice and snow we encountered. Ensure you are covered should the inevitable happen.

Take a coat – Yes you might be nipping from a warm car into a warm office but if you were to break down the safest place to be is outside of the car and away from the road. The same goes if you were to be stuck in traffic due to heavy snow, that blanket in the boot would really come in handy! If you’re planning a long journey a supply of energy snacks and a flask is a good idea too.

Get your vehicle serviced – In order to keep your motor running efficiently and effectively a regular service is essential. Our garages located in and around Milton Keynes offer good old fashioned service at unbeatable prices. For cheap servicing, MOT’s and tyres look no further than your local Fastfit Station.

Plan your journey – When driving conditions are hazardous it is best to limit the amount of time you spend out on the road as possible. A Satellite Navigation system is a worthwhile investment should you not know where you are going and could potentially avoid you getting into trouble should you get lost.

Take warnings seriously – If the weather is severe and you are advised to only drive if you really must then do think carefully about setting out. Is that journey really necessary?

Pack some essentials – So we’ve mentioned a coat and blanket. Give a few minutes to putting some other items that you could really help you out. A torch, de-icer and scraper, jump leads, a first aid kit and even a shovel can get you out of a tricky situation. Check your phone is fully charged too!

A clean windscreen – Visibility is poor enough in the winter without a dirty windscreen. get those wiper blades replaced and make sure you have plenty of screen wash. Don’t be tempted to not clear your windscreen fully from ice and condensation as it really is an accident waiting to happen. Any snow on your roof should be cleared too otherwise it will end up tumbling down your windscreen when you build up speed.

Clean those lights – Dirty lights will also affect your visibility not only to you but other drivers too. Whilst out wiping your lights check all the bulbs are operational too.

Safe and legal tyres – Are your tyres up to standard? Check your tyres have enough tread to cope with wintry conditions and consider changing over to winter tyres which really make such a difference when driving in hazardous conditions. Fastfit station offer a range of cheap tyres to suit everyone’s vehicle requirements. Have them fitted at one of our local garages in and around Milton Keynes or use our mobile tyre fitting service that covers a 50 mile radius of Milton Keynes. Do check your tyres are correctly inflated to the recommend pressure for the vehicle and load you are carrying.

Finally no matter how prepared your car is for the unexpected British weather its your driving that makes all the difference. Drive carefully, allowing more time for journeys. Remember that it take longer to stop in snow and ice so allow enough space between you and other vehicles and be aware of how wind can affect your driving. Don’t be tempted to speed if you’re running late as you never know where that patch of black ice may be!

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Driving on a space saver tyre

Recent research has shown that just 17% of new cars sold had a full size spare wheel. Chances are that the spare tyre you are carrying in the boot of your vehicle is a space saver tyre.These tyres are being used by many car manufacturers as they are lighter in weight and do not take up as much space. Designed to be used as a temporary spare wheel to be used in an emergency they are noticeably different as they are much narrower than a normal size tyre.

For safety reasons the maximum speed you can drive is usually restricted to 50mph. You will find operating restrictions in the handbook for your vehicle and it is important you follow and adhere to the advice given in it. A space saver tyre is unable to handle driving and road conditions like an standard tyre which it why it is imperative that you arrange to have the tyre replaced as soon as possible.

As well as the speed restriction these temporary tyres have a limited tread depth and a much softer compound. Although there is no maximum distance on driving on a temporary tyre we suggest fitting a new tyre at your earliest possible convenience.

Our garages located in and around Milton Keynes offer a range of tyres to suit your needs from cheap budget tyres, tyres for your 4×4 or sports tyres for your performance vehicle. We also offer laser wheel alignment and a mobile tyre fitting service within a 50 mile radius of Milton Keynes.

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Why changing to Winter tyres makes sense

Weighing up the pro’s and con’s of whether swapping to winter tyres is a worthwhile investment? With the weather rapidly turning colder and after the past couple of winters here in the UK that saw temperatures plummet resulting in several spells of extreme cold weather having winter tyres on your vehicle can really make the difference in adverse driving conditions.

Independent tests and tyre manufacturers data proves that they grip better when temperatures fall to below 7˚C and their unique compound and tread pattern provide a better grip in the snow and in icy conditions. A winter tyres tread has deeper grooves which also allows surface water to disperse more easily. Overall the evidence shows that they can help assist drivers in making their driving safer whilst keeping them moving when the weather gets tough.

Initial costs for swapping over to winter tyres may seem somewhat daunting at first, however do bear in mind that you’ll get wear from both sets of tyres. You’re not going be left isolated at home or stranded in the snow either as you may have been with a vehicle on summer tyres.

Our garages in Milton Keynes all offer tyre fitting services and if its more convenient then why not opt for our mobile tyre fitting service that covers a 50 mile radius of Milton Keynes.

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