Why Visit a FastFit Station?

We know that choosing a garage for your car repair, MOT or servicing is a big decision – how do you know you can trust that your vehicle will be well looked after and you won’t be overcharged? At FastFit Station we pride ourselves on our good old fashioned service and we strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible and our waiting rooms as comfortable and inviting as we can. But don’t just take our word for it – we have hundreds of wonderful loyal customers who absolutely love us and aren’t afraid to say it! Some of the most common recommendations we receive talk about our inviting waiting rooms, the free tea, coffee and biscuits, our friendly and knowledgeable staff, our low prices and our fast and efficient service. Here are just a few of the great independent reviews FastFit Station has received:

“Very easy to book your own appointment online and then when you get there the service is so friendly and fast – unbelievable.”

“Fastfit know the history of my car – they appear to value my custom by being helpful and efficient. Their prices are competitive. I like that staff are always friendly, polite and professional – I appreciate the fresh coffee, magazines and clean toilet while waiting.”

car servicing MOT Milton Keynes

“It’s really refreshing, as a woman who knows nothing about how cars work, to be able to take my car for its first MOT to somewhere clean, where I have been able to book in at a time to suit me, where I can work whilst I wait and have a decent coffee, and then – when the MOT is given the all-clear, ask them if they’re sure…because I thought there was a suspension problem. They took the car out for a drive, had it up on the ramp, said they couldn’t see anything to worry about and said that I could bring it back in for another check up at any time if I was worried. They feel trustworthy and put customer service and fair pricing at the forefront of their business. I have already recommended them to friends.”

“Booked online at 9.00 am – car in being tested at 10.00am. Comfortable waiting lounge, friendly staff, free internet access. 30 mins test complete no attempt to rip me off for something I didn’t need.”

car serving MOT Milton Keynes

Have been using FF for a few years now. Always get professional, friendly treatment from the team there, and always get good value for money based on honest servicing requirements.”

If you’re still not convinced, give us a call or drop by to see how much you can save on your car servicing, MOT, check up or repairs at any FastFit Station in Milton Keynes. If you book soon you can also get half price off your next MOT or service in March!

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Younger motorists skimping on having their car serviced

A recent survey conducted by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has revealed that younger drivers are not opting to have their car serviced properly. As we know having regular car servicing helps keep your car in good working order thus keeping them safe, reliable and preventing breakdowns. The poll of 2,000 drivers of various ages revealed that 10 per cent of drivers aged between 18 and 24 never had their car serviced, with this figure rising to 12 per cent among drivers aged 25-34.


It appears these younger motorists are aware of the benefits of having a car serviced but are concerned over the cost and any other maintenance issues that could arise. Holding off car servicing and repairs is a false economy as the cost and risks far outweigh any short-term gains. Your local garage in Milton Keynes offers cheap car servicing and MOT’s by fully trained car technicians. Finding out the price of your service and booking in is easy – simply go online to our website and pop in your registration details to find the service package that is right for your vehicle. The price you see is the price you pay and you don’t even have to hand any cash over into your work is complete and you’re completely satisfied with our good old fashioned service.



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Milton Keynes Services and MOT’s half price!

Yes you’ve read the title correctly! This month your local garage in Milton Keynes – Fastfit Station is offering half price servicing and MOT’s! Whether you require a major or interim service or an oil and filter change make sure you check out our incredible deals. Pop along to our fantastic new website and simply input your vehicle’s registration plate number to find out exactly how much it will cost you. From here you can then print, email or add your quote to your shopping basket. If your ready to book an appointment you can then proceed through to the next page where you can arrange a date and time which is convenient for you from one of our garages located in either Wolverton, Bletchley or Kingston. We can even provide you with a free courtesy car subject to availability! You don’t even have to pay for anything until your vehicle’s work has been completed at our station and you’re completely satisfied with our good old fashioned service.


With the introduction of block exemption you no longer need to worry about going to your main dealership to have your car serviced and the service book stamped. Here at FastFit Station we do that for you. Your warranty will be unaffected as we use the same quality parts as a main dealer. Give your local FastFit Station a call or use the online booking system and we’ll do the rest!





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New Year – Time for a Service

The worst of the winter months tend to be January and February. With this in mind it is worth preparing your vehicle for the toughest months of winter. Bringing your car in for a service is a great way to prepare the vehicle. Our technicians will check the fluid levels and the strength of the anti freeze. This anti freeze check will be completed on both the major and interim services.


Antifreeze strength could be one of the most important checks to be done to your vehicle this winter!The coolant that keeps your engine at the correct temperature has also can not be allowed to freeze overnight.The water that is pumped around the engine is pumped around the engine block. If the antifreeze failed to do it’s job correctly the fluid could freeze inside the engine block. As the water freezes it expands and this can cause the engine block to crack. This is extremely bad news and extremely expensive! It usually requires the vehicle to be fitted with a replacement engine, ouch!


So make sure that you book your car in with one of your local FastFit stations and we will make sure that it is ready for the colder months and keep you happily motoring this winter. You don’t even need to pick up the phone. Simply book in using our new online booking service.



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Milton Keynes roundabouts

With over three hundred full size roundabouts in Milton Keynes in is not surprising that the grid system takes its toll on our cars. The grid system is fantastic and MK is one of the few places in the country where you can go from one side of town to the other side during rush hour in less the 20 minutes.

There is however one downside to our high speed driving and constant breaking, which is wear and tear. Tyres and brakes in Milton Keynes last the average driver at less time than drivers from other towns. Especially as some of the roundabouts on the towns dual carriageways are driven at extremely high speeds.


However there are ways to help save tyre & brake wear. Driver anticipation would make one of the biggest differences.  Make sure you are watching the road as there is no point in speeding off the line if you are going to need to brake hard at the next roundabout. It is also worth noting the tyre pressures should be checked to help avoid uneven tyre wear. An under inflated tyre will attract uneven tyre wear. This can mean that you are paying to replace tyres that if they wear properly inflated may have lasted an additional thousand miles. Ever time you have new tyres fitted it is also worth investing in having the tracking checked, especially if you need new tyres due to uneven tyre wear.


Other towns may mock our roundabouts and concrete cows but at least we can get to work without sitting in lines of traffic.

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Our Shiny New Website

At FastFit station we are always investing in ways to save our customers time. We have developed our brand new website with this in mind.  It takes just a few minutes to book your car in for a service, new tyre’s or a Mot. You can book online and book yourself a convenient time slot. The great news is that you will know the prices of the work that needs to be carried out and will only pay once the work has been completed. All additional work such as brakes, shock absorbers, air con and anything else that you may want us to check out for you.

Our new site is really easy to use. All you need to do is click on the service you require from the petrol pump. Once you are on the right page simply fill in your registration number and our system will find the details of your car. All you need to then is add the required service to your basket. You will then be given the option to book an appointment., simply choose a convenient time and confirm your booking.

We have also a launched Grippy our new mobile tyre fitting service.  As you would expect from the FastFit team we have done this with customer service in mind. All of our brand new Van’s are named so be sure to keep an eye out for the mobile team.

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Working wiper blades this Winter

They are a crucial component to your vehicle yet they are one of the most neglected. Having efficiently working wiper blades are a necessity all year round but particular so in the winter.

We advise you to check your wiper blades regular and if they start making unusual sounds, are not moving smoothly or leave smears and streaks then its time to have them replaced. It is important to check them regularly in order to help maintain the best visibility in poor and hazardous driving conditions. Working windscreen wipers will help to keep your screen clear from rain, sleet, debris and steam that can restrict your view. Driving in these conditions is bad enough as it is without making the situation worse by having a screen that you are unable to clear and barely see out of.

Be cautious of turning on your windscreen wipers on a cold frozen morning. You could potential rip off the runner on your wipers or possibly blow a fuse if they are frozen solid to the screen. Ensure you use a scraper and de-icer fluid beforehand to remove the frost. Never use boiling water from the kettle, even if you’re running late – unless you want a cracked windscreen! You should also clear off heavy snow prior to using wipers so not to put too much strain on the blades.

For more car advice and tips check out Fastfit Station’s blog page. Our garages based in Milton Keynes can help keep your screens clear whatever the weather. We also think that you should have a clear view of the price too. All of our prices include both the wiper blades and the fitting and are guaranteed for 12 months! For a free quote simply enter your vehicle details via this link.

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Essential driving tips in the winter – Part 2

  • In our previous blog - Essential driving tips in the winter – Part 1 we discussed the importance of having your vehicle regularly serviced and maintained and listed some useful items you should ideally store in the boot prior to setting off on your journey. So how should you drive in certain wintry conditions. For some new and inexperienced drivers the thought of getting behind a wheel in the snow or ice is truly terrifying. Read on to discover some useful tips when faced with snow and ice on the road and adept your driving as required.


Reduce your speed – the chances of skidding are much higher and your stopping distance will increase hugely.

  • Drive only at a speed of which you can stop within the distance you can see to be clear. The speed limits set are usually much too fast in hazardous conditions.
  • Try not to brake too harshly nor accelerate too quickly.Avoid sharp steering.
  • Ensure you reduce your speed smoothly, judging and allowing enough time on slippery surfaces.
  • Allow plenty of time to slow down before bends and corners.
  • It is very dangerous to brake on an icy or snow covered bend. Your vehicle could end up spinning due to the centrifugal force which will pull you outwards causing the wheels to be less grippy.
  • To avoid your wheels locking when braking on ice or snow select a lower gear than normal and allow your speed to fall before applying your brakes very gently.
  • As you may need up to TEN TIMES the normal distance for braking ensure you leave a big gap between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Make sure you keep your vehicle well-ventilated. An overheated car can make you feel sleepy and cause you to lose concentration.
  • During snowy conditions stop often to clean the windows, wheel arches, lights and number plates.
  • Use dipped headlights when visibility is poor.


Should you find yourself stuck in the snow avoid revving your engine to try and get out of it. This will inevitably make the situation worse. Instead select the highest gear you can and move your vehicle slowly forwards. If this proves to be unsuccessful you may have to ask for someone to give you a push or start digging with your shovel!


For all your winter car servicing needs look no further than Fastfit Station. From winter tyres to MOTs your friendly local garage in Milton Keynes can help keep your motoring all year round.

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Essential driving tips in the winter – Part 1

Driving during the winter is very different to any other times of the year. With the clocks going back the nights become darker for longer and the adverse and typical British weather can make driving more hazardous. As the last two winters have seen flooding and heavy snow we thought we’d share some essential driving tips to help keep you safe and moving this winter. You should be prepared for your journey to take you into different weather, road and traffic conditions and adapt your driving as necessary for each one.

Having your vehicle serviced fully serviced before Winter and your anti freeze checked is the best start for both you and your vehicle. It will help keep your car on the road and reliable and keep you warm and going places too. Fastfit Stations have several garages in and around Milton Keynes and offer competitive prices on car servicing as well as MOT’s and tyres.

Before you set off on your journey spare five minutes to run through these checks:

  • Lights are clean and working
  • Windscreen, wiper blades and other windows are clean and the washer bottle filled with screen wash
  • Check all of your tyres condition, tread depth and pressure, not forgetting the spare.
  • Fluids are kept topped up, especially windscreen wash (to the correct concentration to prevent it freezing), anti-freeze and oil

Ensure you have a good supply of de-icer, windscreen wash, oil and anti-freeze at the start of the season.

In the event where very bad weather is predicted it is a wise idea to store an emergency kit particularly if you have a long journey ahead of you. You’re then prepared should you get into a tricky situation for example becoming stranded in your car overnight due to heavy snow. Items listed below could really help you out in that spot of bother:

  • Tow rope
  • A shovel
  • Wellington boots
  • A hazard warning triangle
  • De-icing equipment
  • First aid kit
  • A torch
  • Blankets
  • Warm clothes
  • Emergency Food supply
  • A fully charged mobile phone

Prior to setting off to your destination check out the latest weather and travel updates and keep yourself regularly updated just in case you may need to take an alternate route. When the emergency services advise you against travelling you should really take into consideration whether you’re journey is necessary.

If you are looking to get your vehicle serviced this Winter, need to book in for your yearly MOT test or its time to change those tyres then look no further than Fastfit Station. With several garages located in and around Milton Keynes we pride ourselves on good old fashioned service.

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Half price car servicing and MOT’s in and around Milton Keynes

You’re preparing yourself for Winter by layering up your clothing and popping on the heating, make sure you’ve prepared your vehicle too. Having your car serviced regularly makes all the difference to keeping you on the road this Winter and with our fantastic savings available this month you’ve got no excuses not to get booked into one of our car garages located in and around Milton Keynes.

We are offering half price car servicing throughout the month of November saving you potentially hundreds of pounds off our usual prices. Our Service Price Menu below details exactly how much you could save.

Engine size   Major Service   Interim Service   Oil & Filter

Upto 1600cc           £69.99           £34.99            £17.99

1601cc to 2499cc    £99.99            £49.99            £24.99

2500cc +              £124.99            £62.99            £29.99

Please not that some vehicles will require specialist oil, which may cost extra. We will inform you if your car is affected.

You can save on your yearly MOT too! Simply book an MOT test on a weekday, with or without a Service and we will MOT test your car for only £27.42. That’s a saving of 50% against the normal £54.85 fee.

For a cheap car service or MOT look no further than your local FastFit Station, don’t delay book in today. You can even receive a further £5.00 discount off a service and MOT booked online. What are you waiting for!

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