Recent Flooding

A winter of rain and flooding has caused havoc for many people around the UK. From damaged houses over the Christmas period to long delays for drivers, it appears to have been relentless. With large amounts of people having to flee their homes for their own safety it’s important not to forget the transport issues in all of the mayhem.


Some people have been “risking it” in their vehicles through deep flood water which is never a good idea. If you attempt to tackle moving water that’s deeper than 30cm, there is a chance that your vehicle could be caught in the current and swept along. The Environment Agency advises not to tackle water any deeper than 10cm as this is a potential safety risk and can cause serious damage to your vehicle.


SO don’t risk the water especially if you don’t know how deep it is, use your common sense, be responsible and find an alternative route!


Visit the Continental website for more details on flood water safety.

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