Formula 1 2012 season round up

How can we even begin to start on the 2012 season. The first seven races of the season saw seven different drivers at the top of the podium. Ferrari looked poor at the start of the season with both drivers struggling to get the car to work for them. Felipe Massa really struggled all season to the point where his career at Ferrari was looking like it maybe in question. Various rumours were circulating on who his replacement would be! However Ferrari resigned Massa and that gave him confidence and his results improved. His team mate however became the star of the show leading the drivers championship and was looking unstoppable! However Fernando Alonso was overtaken in the drivers championship by Sebastian Vettel. Sebastian won the drivers championship with ease in 2011 but the 2012 championship it took the final race to decide the 2012 champion. The final race was to say the least amazing! It would have had die hard F1 fans and even people with the faintest of interests out of their seats!

Vettel had a 13 point lead over Alonso going into the final race! So with Vettel starting 4th on the grid and Alonso 7th it looked like Vettel had the championship in the bag. As long as he did not crash or have any mechanical failures. So when Vettel crashed and spun it looked like Alonso was going to win the championship. At this point Massa really stepped up and was an excellent aid to his team mate fending off any challengers and protecting his team mate. Alonso pushed up into second place but Vettel was not giving up that easy. Vettel pushed back and came back through the pack even helped by the legendary Michael Schumacher who was sitting in an F1 car for the final time and retiring for the second time in his career. Vettel pushed forward and achieved 6th position and even though Alonso did a fantastic job and finished second this was not enough and he missed winning the drivers championship by only 3 points!

Lewis Hamilton finished 4th in the drivers championship and had a nightmare season which proved to be his final one with McLaren-Mercedes. With five retirements in the season he certainly had had a run of bad luck. Not least in the final race where an accident saw him taken out of the running. A disappointing end to the 2012 season for Lewis. We wish him all the best for the 2013 season with his new team Mercedes.

For more news and advice on cars visit Fastfit Stations blog page. Fastfit is your local Milton Keynes garage for all your car needs from servicing to MOT’s and tyres, we pride ourselves on our good old fashioned service.

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Driving on a space saver tyre

Recent research has shown that just 17% of new cars sold had a full size spare wheel. Chances are that the spare tyre you are carrying in the boot of your vehicle is a space saver tyre.These tyres are being used by many car manufacturers as they are lighter in weight and do not take up as much space. Designed to be used as a temporary spare wheel to be used in an emergency they are noticeably different as they are much narrower than a normal size tyre.

For safety reasons the maximum speed you can drive is usually restricted to 50mph. You will find operating restrictions in the handbook for your vehicle and it is important you follow and adhere to the advice given in it. A space saver tyre is unable to handle driving and road conditions like an standard tyre which it why it is imperative that you arrange to have the tyre replaced as soon as possible.

As well as the speed restriction these temporary tyres have a limited tread depth and a much softer compound. Although there is no maximum distance on driving on a temporary tyre we suggest fitting a new tyre at your earliest possible convenience.

Our garages located in and around Milton Keynes offer a range of tyres to suit your needs from cheap budget tyres, tyres for your 4×4 or sports tyres for your performance vehicle. We also offer laser wheel alignment and a mobile tyre fitting service within a 50 mile radius of Milton Keynes.

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Why changing to Winter tyres makes sense

Weighing up the pro’s and con’s of whether swapping to winter tyres is a worthwhile investment? With the weather rapidly turning colder and after the past couple of winters here in the UK that saw temperatures plummet resulting in several spells of extreme cold weather having winter tyres on your vehicle can really make the difference in adverse driving conditions.

Independent tests and tyre manufacturers data proves that they grip better when temperatures fall to below 7˚C and their unique compound and tread pattern provide a better grip in the snow and in icy conditions. A winter tyres tread has deeper grooves which also allows surface water to disperse more easily. Overall the evidence shows that they can help assist drivers in making their driving safer whilst keeping them moving when the weather gets tough.

Initial costs for swapping over to winter tyres may seem somewhat daunting at first, however do bear in mind that you’ll get wear from both sets of tyres. You’re not going be left isolated at home or stranded in the snow either as you may have been with a vehicle on summer tyres.

Our garages in Milton Keynes all offer tyre fitting services and if its more convenient then why not opt for our mobile tyre fitting service that covers a 50 mile radius of Milton Keynes.

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Half price car servicing and MOT’s in and around Milton Keynes

You’re preparing yourself for Winter by layering up your clothing and popping on the heating, make sure you’ve prepared your vehicle too. Having your car serviced regularly makes all the difference to keeping you on the road this Winter and with our fantastic savings available this month you’ve got no excuses not to get booked into one of our car garages located in and around Milton Keynes.

We are offering half price car servicing throughout the month of November saving you potentially hundreds of pounds off our usual prices. Our Service Price Menu below details exactly how much you could save.

Engine size   Major Service   Interim Service   Oil & Filter

Upto 1600cc           £69.99           £34.99            £17.99

1601cc to 2499cc    £99.99            £49.99            £24.99

2500cc +              £124.99            £62.99            £29.99

Please not that some vehicles will require specialist oil, which may cost extra. We will inform you if your car is affected.

You can save on your yearly MOT too! Simply book an MOT test on a weekday, with or without a Service and we will MOT test your car for only £27.42. That’s a saving of 50% against the normal £54.85 fee.

For a cheap car service or MOT look no further than your local FastFit Station, don’t delay book in today. You can even receive a further £5.00 discount off a service and MOT booked online. What are you waiting for!

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Road Safety awareness week begins

Today marks the beginning of Road Safety awareness week with an array of organisations coming together to launch the new GO 20 campaign in the hope of encouraging and getting drivers to slow their speeds down to 20mph around homes, schools and shops. Cahrities involved in the bid to make roads a safer place for cyclists and pedestrians include road safety charity Brake, sustainable transport body Sustrans and the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

This new campaign has been launched just as a survey of over 8,000 children aged between 7 and 11 has been publisced. Questioned by Brake, Brain Injury Group and Specsavers the results showed that:

70% of the youngsters said they would be able to walk and cycle more if roads in their neighbourhood were less dangerous;

77% said drivers needed to slow down around their home and school;

43% said they have been hit or nearly hit while walking or cycling;

54% worried about being hurt by traffic when out and about.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake said: “Everyone should be able to walk and cycle in their community without fear or threat: it’s a basic right, and GO 20 is about defending that.

“The 2012 Games helped us all realise the importance of being able to live active lifestyles. Critical to this is making our streets and communities safe places we can use and enjoy. Anyone who drives can help bring this about.

For more car news, tips and advice visit FastFit Station – good old fashioned service, cheap tyres and MOT’s located in and around Milton Keynes.

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Glow In The Dark Roads Instead Of Streetlights

With some local councils reducing costs by choosing to turn off street lighting resulting in poor visibility for drivers, it may be time to look overseas for a solution. The Dutch appear to be one step ahead of the game of improving road safety. A unique road paint is due to dramatically alter the appearance of the highways in the Netherlands. These painted roads will glow in the dark and change colour to warn drivers of icy conditions.

Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure have created these incredible innovations for the Smart Highways project and once painted the roads will be lit up each evening with no extra cost. How I hear you ask!? Simply by mixing photo-luminescent powder into the paint used for lines. By absorbing sunlight in the day they can then glow for up to 10 hours at night. A temperature-responsive paint is also being used in order to forewarn those behind the wheel of slippery conditions by showing ice crystal graphics.

Studio Roosegaarde said: “We are innovating the highway to make roads that are more sustainable and interactive.”

The Smart Highways project was the winner of the Best Future Concept at the Dutch Design Awards. Hardly surprising when some of their other planet saving ideas include motion-sensitive motorway lights. These lights switch on as they sense cars approaching. Once the vehicle has passed they switch off, ideal for saving energy on quiet or country roads without compromising safety.

This sounds like a good solution for our local councils if they want to reduce streetlighting on quieter roads. For more car news and advice on car servicing and maintenance in and around Milton Keynes, ask the guys at FastFit Station.

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WIN a Sledging Session at Xscape Milton Keynes with FastFit Station

How would you like to win a sledging session for 4 at Xscape Milton Keynes? All you have to do to enter is visit any FastFit Station and fit your with a set of winter tyres – your name will then be entered into our sweepstakes and one lucky winner will be announced in the new year!

win a sledging session at xscape Milton Keynes

The SNO!Zone at the Xscape is a 170m long indoor snow slope in the heart of Milton Keynes, offering fantastic family entertainment in the form of sledging, skiing and snowboarding. Enter our competition to be in with the chance of winning 4 tickets for a sledging activity with your family or friends!

Now that winter is almost upon us, winter tyres are becoming a necessity if you want your car to retain its grip and handling on wet, icy and slippery roads. Winter tyres greatly improve your vehicle’s performance and safety in wintry conditions, and we can fit a new set of winter tyres for you quickly while you wait in our cosy FastFit Station waiting room, sipping as much tea or coffee as you like!

Good luck, everyone!

winter tyres at FastFit Station

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Be prepared with a Winter emergency pack

After having your vehicle service and MOT carried out by one of our FastFit stations in Milton Keynes you’ve carried out the first steps to keeping your car on the road this Winter. We advise you to change your tyres to winter tyres ready for the colder months. Due to their unique compound they don’t harden when temperatures drop meaning they provide a better grip on the road and the ability to stop in a shorter distance.

With the severe weather we have experienced over the past couple of years you can never be too prepared for the unexpected. Snow and ice can cause treacherous driving conditions and can leave you stranded when you least expect it. Before you set out in poor weather conditions do consider whether you really do need to make the journey. Having an emergency winter pack in the boot just in case you should be left out in the cold due to snowfall, heavy traffic, blocked roads or a breakdown will assist you should an event leave you out in the cold.

Staying warm and keeping hydrated are essential should you become stranded. The British Red Cross suggest having the following stored in your vehicle:

  • A list of emergency contact numbers
  • Battery-operated torch and spare batteries (or a wind-up torch)
  • Any essential medication, some toiletries and a first aid kit
  • Three days’ supply of bottled water and ready-to-eat foods that keep
  • Copies of important documents like insurance policies and birth certificates
  • Pencil, paper, a penknife and a whistle

Having a fully charged mobile phone to call for help is always a winner providing you can get a signal! What other items would you suggest putting in a Winter emergency kit for your car?


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Looking after your Windscreen this Winter

The windscreen is one of the most important aspects of your car and it is essential that it is kept clean and fully intact at all times.

During the harsher colder months you tend to pay more attention to the pane of glass that protects you and your occupants whilst providing an aerodynamic window. It is paramount to ensure your windscreen is kept in tip top condition so you have visibility and protection when out on the road. Read on to find out how you can ensure your windscreen stays undamaged this Winter.

Firstly make sure you check your windscreens regularly for any chips or dents. The smallest of chips can lead to big cracks especially in Winter. Get those chips repaired as soon as you see them, they can be easily repaired on your Car Insurance without the excess being affected.

We’ve all done it when running late and need our windscreen clearing quickly – poured water from the kettle over the screen to clear it quickly! It can result in it cracking or shattering resulting in

Use a proper ice scraper to remove ice. Not only on your windscreen but on all windows on your vehicle. It may be time consuming but having greater visibility could save yours or another’s lives. A credit card or CD case might do the job but could in fact leave you with damaged glass and a dent in your wallet.

Finally ensure that your screen wash and anti-freeze are regularly topped up during the Winter so your never left with a dirty screen that you can barely see out of.

For all your car servicing and mot needs in Milton Keynes and for further advice on keeping your vehicle at its best then look no further than Fastfit Station.

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Hot wiring a thing of the past

A recently conducted survey has shown theft of a motor vehicle by hot wiring the ignition is now a thing of the past. Research showed that just one in 50 cars that were stolen were hot wired in order to be driven away by the offender.

Evidence collated by insurance company LV found that this type of crime, also known by its official name of  ‘forced ignition theft’ has been declining over the years, with almost a fifth of all stolen vehicles being taken in this manner over the past five years.

Car key theft is becoming a more frequent occurrence. With two thirds of the 150,000 cars that are stolen each year due to this crime. Keys for motor vehicles are often being taken during a burglary of the owner’s house and this accounts for 40 per cent of car thefts.

The change in how criminals take possession of your vehicle has resulted in the length of time it takes to steal a car to dramatically change too. Whereas before hot wiring a vehicle would take around a minute with keys in hand the thief can have a much faster getaway of around 10 seconds.

John O’Roarke, the car insurance managing director for LV said:“Improvements in car security mean that criminals now place a greater emphasis on stealing the keys rather than forcing the ignition.”

Ensure your home is safely secure and have your keys in a safe hidden place. Often you hear stories of keys being retrieved through letterboxes and windows – don’t be an easy target. Ensure that you car has no issues with locking. If it does visit one of our car garages in Milton Keynes.

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