Mobile Tyre Fitters Based In Milton Keynes

Taking your car into a garage to have the tyres replaced can be a pain whether you leave the car with us and use alternative transport, or wait in our comfortable waiting room (even though there is plenty of fresh coffee and biscuits!). It is much easier for you to stay where you are and let our mobile tyre fitters come to you.

If you are in Milton Keynes or the surrounding area, our mobile tyre fitters can bring the tyres of your choice to you and then fit them for you while you carry on working, or even relaxing in your own home! You can still call on the expertise of our experienced tyre fitters before the appointment to help choose the best tyres for your vehicle and budget, but no need to go out of your way for the tyre fitting itself.

As you know, FastFit Station prides itself on delivering good old-fashioned service, and you still get that from our mobile tyre fitters. If you feel there is any way we could improve on our service, we are always keen to hear it.

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Prestige Car Servicing In Milton Keynes

Many owners of prestige cars such as Mercedes and BMWs mistakenly believe that they are required to take their vehicles to a main dealership for servicing in order to maintain the warranty. In fact this is no longer true and in fact you can take the car to any garage for servicing as long as it is serviced according to the manufacturer’s servicing schedule.

At all three FastFit Stations in Milton Keynes, our FastFitters have a lot of experience at both Mercedes servicing and BMW servicing, as well as other prestige cars (and non-prestige cars too, naturally!), so you can rest assured that we know what we are doing and no need to worry about it affecting your warranty.

The best thing about getting your car serviced at a local garage rather than a main franchise dealership is that we can charge a much lower labour rate due to having less overheads than the big dealers. This means your Mercedes or BMW can be serviced to the same standard for much less money!

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We Offer Laser Wheel Alignment

Your wheels and tyres need to be aligned according to your vehicle manufacturer’s specification, and this will need checking and adjusting regularly, usually with laser wheel alignment. This ensures a smooth ride and long lasting tyres. Unfortunately, your car’s wheel alignment can be altered by many things that happen on normal, every day car journeys such as hitting a kerb, or driving over a pothole. Also if you drive for too long on excessively worn suspension or steering components, the wheel alignment will be adversely affected.

The first thing you are likely to notice if your wheels are incorrectly aligned is unusually rapid or unusual tyre wear, but it will also be affecting the handling performance of your vehicle, and even the safety. If you are unsure about the performance of your tyres or wheels, or if you know you have recently hit a kerb or driven over a pothole that is likely to have affected your vehicle, you should book your car in at FastFit Station for a free alignment check.

If your car does require the wheels realigning, at FastFit Station in Milton Keynes, we use the latest state of the art laser equipment to ensure everything goes back to the manufacturer’s specifications. The required angle and direction of your wheels are usually described as toe in, toe out, positive camber or negative camber. It is important that all are checked and adjusted as necessary for the car to deliver the performance expected of it.

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Milton Keynes in October

As FastFit Station are a local Milton Keynes business, we thought we would start a monthly blog post letting you know what’s on in Milton Keynes each month. We are going to start with October as September is almost finished!

  • Bletchley Park holds its Family Fun Wednesdays every week until the end of October. These days feature a range of activities including spy workshops, lessons in how to send Morse Code, interactive displays about the role of pigeons during World War Two and guided tours specially created for children. Aimed at age 4 upwards.
  • There are a range of shows on at MK Theatre this month: 2/10 – 6/10: Blood brothers, 7/10: Alan Davies: Life is Pain, 8/10 – 13/10: Soul Sister, 17/10 – 20/10: English National Ballet Sleeping Beauty, and 25/10 – 24/11: The phantom of the opera.
  • The Comedy Cow at The Crown in Stony Stratford. A comedy club running from 4/10 – 15/11 7.30pm (tickets must be bought in advance)
  • Football: MK Dons vs Portsmouth – 6/10, and MK Dons vs Stevenage 20/10. Both at The Stadium MK

This is obviously just a brief snapshot of all the activities available in Milton Keynes during October. Is there anything you would like us to include next month?

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Car Maintenance In Autumn

We generally think of winter and summer as the seasons which require specific car services or maintenance such as changing to winter tyres in October and having an aircon service before the weather heats up for the summer. However, there are certain things that  should also be done as Autumn approaches.

All the standard checks that you should be doing every month will be helpful as the seasons change. So check your car tyres, including the spare (which should also be inflated to the correct tyre pressure – the last thing you want to be doing in an emergency is having to pump up the spare!) to see how much tread wear is left, and that they are at the right pressure. Check all fluid levels, and in particular, make sure your screen wash is topped up with the right screen wash for colder weather. You should definitely check all your light bulbs as they will be getting more use than usual as the sun starts to set earlier.

Windscreen wipers are something that you will use more frequently in Autumn and Winter, and they will also need to deal with higher levels of dirt and stand up to frequent use of screenwash. At the same time, they are more important at this time of year as a smeary windscreen is a safety hazard.

Your air filter may need replacing if you haven’t had a car service recently. When they get too dirty, the air filter will start to restrict airflow, affecting the car’s fuel economy, performance and emissions. Your car manual will tell you how to do this. You should also check the battery terminals for corrosion. If there is any, it can be brushed away with the right type of brush, and you can then make sure everything is connected securely.


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Car Servicing Schedules

We’d like to think that most motorists are aware of the importance of regular car services according to the manufacturer’s schedules, but apparently, many young people are choosing to skip car services. Some are simply unaware that they are needed, while some think that the MOT would flag up any issues, and others are just trying to save money.

An MOT only assesses the road-worthiness of the vehicle at the time of the test, which in no way guarantees that the car will be okay for another year. There are certain parts of a car that need to be replaced on a regular schedule, which is a major reason for car servicing. Changing the oil, replacing various filters, along with the more major services which include cam belt replacement or spark plugs.

Unfortunately for those people who are trying to save money by skipping services, in the long run it could cost you a lot more if your car breaks down, potentially damaging other parts as well as the ones that would have been replaced on a service. As for those who aren’t aware of this crucial part of car maintenance, perhaps car services need to be mentioned as part of practical and theory driving tests?

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Time For Winter Tyres

Yes, really. If you are looking to replace your car tyres in the near future, it would be best if you replaced them with winter tyres as it isn’t likely to be long until the temperatures drops below 7 degrees centigrade during rush hour. However, even if your tyres still have plenty of tread wear left on them, you should still start thinking about which winter tyres you will choose so that you can change them as soon as the temperature does fall.

Winter tyres are made of a different rubber compound that doesn’t stiffen up at low temperatures like summer tyres do. This means they retain higher levels of grip at low temperatures, keeping you safely on the road travelling in the direction you want to be going. Delivering excellent performance in wet, snow and icy road conditions, winter tyres also perform better than summer tyres on dry roads when the temperature is below 7 degrees.

If you are changing summer tyres with plenty of wear on them for a new set of winter tyres, FastFit Station can store your summer tyres for you until you are ready to switch them back (as long as you purchase the winter tyres from us, naturally!). So you don’t need to worry about finding space in your crowded garage for four tyres!

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Formula One In Italy

At the Formula One race in Italy last weekend, Lewis Hamilton scored his third victory this season putting him in second position only 37 points behind Fernando Alonso. In fact, Hamilton started from pole position and led almost from the start of the race to the end. Sergio Perez led briefly for a few laps after Hamilton’s pit stop, and finished in second place.

Sadly for our local team, Red Bull Racing, neither of their cars finished the race or scored any points. This is the first time that has happened since the Korean Grand Prix in 2010. This race saw Sebastian Vettel penalised for forcing Alonso off the track when he was trying to overtake Vettel. The Red Bull driver then broke down and was out of the race. Mark Webber had to quit the race with only a few laps left as his car tyres were completely shot. The short operating window for the Pirelli tyres has been a source of contention for the Formula One teams.

As for Jenson Button, the winner of last week’s race in Belgium, he also didn’t finish the race as his car broke down. He is now 78 points behind Alonso so is possibly no longer a contender for this year’s title.

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Dealing With An Unexpected Puncture

Picture the scene: you are driving along in your car, perhaps heading off for a day out or even on holiday when you realise the car isn’t steering as it should and it feels different to drive it. One of your car tyres has got a puncture or worse, suffered a blow out. Naturally, the chances are you are miles away from your usual tyre fitters, and you don’t have the luxury of choice with the local tyre fitters – you just need tyres fitted NOW!

What do you do? It is the ultimate in distressed purchases, with very little time to consider your options, both in terms of which car tyres you choose, and which tyre fitter you choose. While your choice of car tyres will depend on the tyre fitter’s stock, it is a good idea to know what features are important to you in case of this type of accident. If you already know that you want cheap car tyres that perform well in terms of tyre longevity and stopping distances, you have narrowed your choice considerably, and any good tyre fitter should be able to help you choose a brand and a model based on this information.

If you want to be even more prepared, taking the time to jot down a list of different tyre brands and models that you prefer could save a lot of time in these emergency situations. You can just give your tyre fitter the list and they can tell you which ones they have and give you the prices. In the unlikely event of them not having any of your list in stock, they should be able to offer you some similar alternatives.

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Formula One in Belgium

If you have seen or read anything about the Formula One race in Belgium last weekend, you will no doubt have heard about the crash. Less than one lap into the race, there was an impressive crash involving Lewis Hamilton, Romain Grosjean, Fernando Alonso, Sergio Perez, Kamui Kobayashi and Pastor Maldonado. As the debris settled, the obligatory solo tyre rolled away from the carnage.

Maldonado and Kobayashi were lucky enough to escape with minor damage to their cars, requiring an unexpected pit stop in the first lap, but Hamilton, Grosjean, Perez and Alonso were all out of the race at the first turn. Alonso in particular was lucky to escape without serious injury as Grosjean’s car was launched into the air and flew over Alonso’s car narrowly missing his head. Race officials say they are aware that the open cockpit is the biggest safety risk of the vehicles, and are planning to introduce more head protection for the drivers before the 2014 F1 season.

The accident happened as Grosjean’s car cut right across the track hitting Hamilton. Hamilton spun onto the grass smashing into Grosjean’s car who in turn hits Alonso and Perez. Stewards have judged Grosjean responsible for the crash and have given him a one-race ban meaning he will miss the Italian Grand Prix this weekend. He also had to pay a fine of 50,000 Euros.

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