What If My Car Fails Its MOT?

What do you do if your car fails its MOT? Well, before I explain that, I’m going to take a step back. When did you book your car in for its MOT? Was it right on the day it was due to expire? You can actually book your car in for its MOT up to one month prior to the expiry date, and still have the new MOT run for a full year from that expiry date. What’s more, since the system is now computerised, you don’t even have to waste time hunting around for the old MOT certificate!

If you already knew that and allowed plenty of time, then even if your car fails, you know you don’t need to panic! You can take your time having the relevant repairs done, then repeating the MOT. As long as the initial MOT test and the required repair work has been carried out at a FastFit Station in Milton Keynes, the re-test will be free of charge. Even if you have taken it elsewhere for the repairs, the re-test will still only be half the price of a standard MOT test.

If you left it to the last minute, your options are slightly more limited. Once your MOT certificate has expired it is an offence to drive it on a public road. Some exceptions are when you are taking it from the garage where it failed, to somewhere it can be repaired, taking it away from that place, or driving it to an MOT test station where you are booked in for an MOT. One easy way to solve any issues with whether or not you can legally drive the car, is to have the repairs done at the same garage where your car failed its MOT. If the garage has space, you should be able to leave the car there until the relevant parts are located and there is time in the workshop for the repair work to be carried out. Of course, that’s not terribly convenient for you, so it is always best to book our MOT in plenty of time!

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We’re Open At The Weekend!

Did you know FastFit Station is open at the weekend? Do you think of booking your car in for a service as being a bit of a pain as you usually have to rearrange your life to fit around the garage? Not any more! FastFit Station are always working to deliver our customers good old-fashioned service, and part of that is being available for our customers to book their cars in at times convenient to themselves.

We know that not everyone can bring their car in during the week, even if they do have the option of a courtesy car. At the weekends, most garages are only open on Saturdays, and even then it’s only half a day. FastFit Station are open from 8am till 5pm on Saturdays, and from 10am till 4pm on Sunday.

On Saturday our services are the same as during the week, but on Sunday things are slightly more restricted. The main reason for this is that we can’t always locate parts as dealerships’ parts departments are closed. We do also have slightly fewer staff (about three quarters our usual staffing levels), so book as early as you can! We will try to fit you in whatever your car needs; the only thing we know we can’t do is MOTs.

If you can’t get to us during the week, we look forward to helping you at the weekend. You can drop your car off or sit and wait while enjoying our coffee and biscuits!

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First Stage Of Conti4x4Trophy Competition Complete

Continental’s Conti4x4Trophy’s first stage, the virtual rally, ended at the end of April, so the 28 teams who have scored more miles than anyone else and therefore qualified, will be looking forward to the second stage in Gaydon.

Winning the virtual rally over approximately 2000 other teams, the final 28 teams will spend the day at the Land Rover Experience. They will have a once in a lifetime off-roading experience, purposely designed by Land Rover’s 4×4 experts. To prepare them for the Morocco trip, they will be dodging palm trees, driving in both desert and flood conditions, wadi crossing and also taking the Atlas GPS challenge. They will be tested on their have a go attitude, their teamwork and their spirit of adventure, and the best 14 teams will be off to Morocco in September!

In the evening, the teams will have a lavish Moroccan banquet, and hear who has won through to stage three. As disappointing as it may be to miss out on Morocco, I’m sure they will all have enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience!

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Motoring Expert Convicted For Drunk Driving

A motoring expert who used to work for the AA was caught four times over the legal alcohol limit and has been sentenced to six months in prison as well as banned from driving for 9 years. When he is finally allowed to drive again he will need to retake his driving test (in the new, extended form) before he can go out on the road again.

Having worked for most of his life in the motor industry, Robert Douglas, had actually been disqualified for two years in April 2011, so was driving without insurance when he was pulled over. Since his blood alcohol level was so high, and he was driving while already banned, the prison sentence was inevitable.

The safest thing to do if you are drinking, is to ensure there is someone else to drive, or take a taxi, but one thing to remember if you have been drinking heavily in the evening is that you may still be over the limit the following morning. That said, driving without insurance is never a good idea, and insurance should be considered part of the running costs of a car along with fuel, car servicing and an MOT

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Special Offers – Double Discount Service Sale

The FastFit Station’s Double Discount Service Sale has been extended throughout May! All you have to do is book, and have your car serviced at a FastFit Station in Milton Keynes before the 1st June and you can save up to £150 off the price of your service, depending on the size of your car’s engine.

If you book an MOT in during the week, you can also save money on the price of that. During the week we only charge £39.99 for pre-booked MOTs, which is a saving of nearly £15 on the retail price of £54.85, and there’s no need to book a service at the same time!

Of course, if you do want your car service and MOT carried out at the same time (in preparation for the summer that is sure to start any day now…), booking them together online can save you a further £5 off the sale price. Don’t forget about your air conditioning – it is well worth booking an air conditioning recharge service so you’re ready when the weather does warm up!

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Red Bull Looking Forward To First European Race

With the first European race coming up this weekend, the Red Bull drivers have been sharing their thoughts about the Spanish Grand Prix. Both drivers feel confident with the race track in Barcelona as they have done a lot of testing there in recent years.

Vettel commented that the changing wind direction in Barcelona adds an extra dimension that can’t be planned for, and a car that performs well aerodynamically in Barcelona will perform well anywhere. With this in mind, it should be a very interesting race to watch, particularly because it will point out any weaknesses in any of the teams’ cars.

Webber is also fond of the Spanish track, seeing as he was in pole position there during the last two years’ races, including his win in 2010. He is hoping to do just as well this weekend as there isn’t much gap between the teams at the moment, and there is everything to race for!

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Caring For Your Air Conditioning

The weather may not be playing along just yet, but it is generally the time of the year that people try to turn their air conditioning on and find that it isn’t working as they would like. Sometimes it just won’t be getting cold, while other times there could be a musty smell coming from it. You may find it just needs a regas, or a more thorough service may be required.

It is up to you whether you choose to have your air conditioning serviced yearly to clean out all the dirt and bacteria that has built up as well as recharging the gas as necessary, or leave it until there is a drop in the air conditioning performance. The risk of leaving it until there is a problem is that the problem may result in a bigger repair and a bigger bill. Either way, in between (brief) summers, you do still need to think about your air conditioning system.

Many people are under the mistaken impression that air con is just for hot days. In fact, you need to use it all year round, otherwise it is highly unlikely to be working perfectly on the rare hot days we do have. In the colder months, you can use your air con system to warm the car, and to remove moisture from the air so that windows stay mist-free.

When it is a sunny day and you want the air cooled in your car, you should consider your speed. While many people believe it is more fuel efficient to open your windows than turn on your car’s air conditioning system, this is only true below around 30 mph. Any faster than this and the negative effect on the aerodynamics of the car of having the windows open means lower fuel efficiency than if you shut the windows and ramped up the air con!

If you have climate control it is often tempting on really hot days to turn it as far down as it will go, but unless you are on a really long journey, the chances are the system won’t be able to achieve that temperature, it will just expend a lot of effort in the attempt. Then when you get out of the car, you feel like you’re stepping into a hot, muggy, oven. Not terribly comfortable! You are much better off aiming for a temperature just a couple of degrees lower than the ambient temperature. You will feel comfortable in the car, and it won’t be such a shock to get out of the car. As an added bonus, your car won’t have to work so hard to achieve the target temperature.

Any bad smells coming from your air conditioning system should be checked out by a garage as soon as possible, particularly if you, or any of your family have any respiratory problems such as asthma. It indicates that there is bacteria in the system (often caused by leaves going mouldy over the exterior vents in Autumn, so do remove any that you see there!) and an air con service will get rid of it.

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Vettel Fastest In Tests

Sebastian Vettel who races for Red Bull Racing was at the top of the timesheets on the last morning of Formula 1 testing. With a fastest time of 1m21.314s, he was ahead of the pack, but they were close on his heels. First behind him was Romain Grosjean for Lotus, then Fernando Alonso behind him.

Alonso races for Ferrari, and his day was more eventful than most. After only an hour of testing, he came off the track and bumped a wall, slightly damaging the front of his F2012. It took more than two hours for his team to get the car back in tip top condition (with a super fast car service and bodywork repair!) and get Alonso back on the track.

The busiest driver, Heikki Kovalainen, completed a massive 2 laps in his Caterham, finishing in 7th position. The slowest driver was Pastor Maldonado for Williams, who only completed four laps before suffering electrical problems.

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Time For A Summer Check

It may be raining cats and dogs, but if you want to be prepared for the British Summer (as we all know it could be a blink and you miss it occasion!), it’s time to think about booking your car in for a summer check at FastFit Station. Our Summer Service Inspection is only £29.99 including VAT!

If you are planning to drive off on holiday this summer, a thorough check is even more important – no one wants to break down on holiday! And as an added bonus, there is a free gift for every customer whose car has a summer check.

What is checked in the summer service inspection?

  • air con – tested to ensure the correct level of gas
  • air con anti-bacterial flush – to keep your air con smelling fresh
  • ancillary drive belts – the condition of all the drive belts is checked
  • brakes – thoroughly checked as a safety precaution
  • lights – all checked
  • oil – condition and level checked
  • starter and charging – operation checked
  • tyres – condition and tyre pressures checked
  • wiper blades – condition checked (we all know it’ll rain this summer!)
  • washer fluid – make sure it’s at the correct level

If you book a major service at the same time, you can have the summer check carried out for only £19.99. (offers only valid till 30th September)

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