You Don’t Need A Main Dealership to Service Your Car

When many people buy a new car, they assume (or are led to believe) that they must have their car servicing carried out at a main dealership in order to keep their warranty intact. In fact, since 2002 the Block Exemption Regulations (BER) mean that you cannot be obliged, whether as a condition of warranty or anything else, to have your car serviced solely at a franchised dealer.

The rules state that an independent garage can carry out the car service as long as they use manufacturer approved parts and follows the manufacturer’s service schedule correctly. This is of benefit to you, the customer, as independent garages such as FastFit Station usually have much lower overheads than the main dealerships meaning they have a lower hourly labour rate. As labour costs make up a large chunk of car servicing costs, this can make a big difference to your bill, and therefore to the cost of running your newly purchased car.

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Listing Milton Keynes Landmarks

Mention Milton Keynes to someone who doesn’t live here and chances are they’ll mention something about grid roads that all look the same, roundabouts and the need to get your car brakes and tyres replaced so regularly because of all those roundabouts. Well, that may change soon. In May last year the council’s Conservation and Archaeology Team contacted English Heritage with the suggestion of compiling a Local List for Milton Keynes. This was intended to be an appropriate way to take account of the unique character of Milton Keynes.

So what could be on the list? Notable buildings, structures, art, as well as places can all be listed, to help people identify the heritage of Milton Keynes since it first started being built. Structures such as the concrete cows and The Point, as well as the various pieces of public Art scattered across Milton Keynes. I’d imagine the shopping centre (thecentre:mk) would be on the list as it was designated as a grade II listed building back in 2010.

Do you have any ideas about places or buildings you would like to see included in the Local list? Why not pop over to our FastFit Station Facebook page and start a discussion!

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New Mini Cooper D Courtesy Cars for FastFit Station!

FastFit Station MOT service courtesy car

Our new Mini Cooper Ds, all lined up and ready to go!

FastFit Station have added a smart new fleet of Mini Cooper D courtesy cars to all service station branches in the Milton Keynes area, including Kingston, Bletchley and Wolverton.

These snazzy little Minis are available for customers who have booked a major car service, and require a courtesy vehicle while work is being carried out. No need to be car-less while you’re waiting for repairs! And in the rare event that your car needs to be returned for a warranty issue, or repairs are delayed, you can rest assured you will be offered use of one of our little Cooper Ds as well.

FastFit Station Mini Cooper D Courtesy Cars

Courtesy Mini Cooper Ds will be at each FastFit Station branch

The Mini Cooper D is a rather nice little runabout, and was named What Car?’s ‘Fun Green Car’ of 2011. Its MINIMILISM technology helps lower CO2 emissions, while still providing the ‘go-kart’ handling and groovy looks Mini is famous for.

The new fleet will replace our previous range of courtesy car, the Suzuki Alto, which we’ll be saying a fond farewell to in June. Courtesy cars are available to book on a first come, first served basis, subject to availability.

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Is Your Car Due A Service?

We hope you had a good Easter holidays. Now the chocolate has been eaten and children are starting back at school, it’s time to get back to normality! If you went away over the holidays and took your car, it is well worth checking when your next car service is due. It is very easy to clock up the miles when you drive on holiday, so you could find you are closer to your next service than you expected.

It is normal for a car’s manufacturer to express the service interval in terms of both mileage and age. For example, a service might be due every 10,000 miles or 1 year. This doesn’t mean you wait for both milestones to pass. In fact, your car’s service will be due as soon as either one is true. This means that if you have driven further than you expected over Easter, it may be time to get your car booked in for its service. Rest assured that our FastFit Stations all have appointments available that will fit in with you.

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Friday 13th And Car Safety

You’ve probably heard about the superstition about Friday 13th being unlucky – it’s one of the most common superstitions out there. Did you know they have even done research into it? In 1993 a study was carried out to discover if Friday the 13th is really bad for your health. In part it compared the ratio of traffic volume to car accidents on Friday 6th and Friday 13th over several years.

It turns out that many people choose not to drive on that date (not sure what they do instead…take a day off work?!), however, the number of car accidents resulting in hospital admissions was significantly higher than normal Fridays. Rather than resigning yourself to only travelling as far as you can walk (or staying stuck in your own home all day), I’d suggest ensuring that your car is up-to-date with it’s car servicing schedule, that all regular maintenance has been done (tyres and fluid levels checked), then just carry on driving sensibly just as you would on any other day.

I’d imagine that the reason there are more accidents on Friday the 13th is that superstitious people are more paranoid, and more jumpy, and therefore not as aware of the road and other road users as they perhaps should be. Make sure you’re not one of them!

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Vettel Positive Red Bull Will Recover

As Red Bull are preparing for the next race in Shanghai, China, Sebastian Vettel insists they will recover from the disappointments of the first two races in this year’s Grand Prix. The Red Bull team have had the car back in the garage for a bit of a quick car service and some tinkering, in the hopes that they will get back on the top spots after diving to 11th place in the Malaysian race.

Despite dominating last year’s Grand Prix championship, Vettel has not only failed to win a race so far this year, he came second in the Australian opening race and then a dismal 11th in Malaysia. His Malaysian race was marred by a mishap when Vettel had a bump with another car, puncturing his rear left tyre. His unexpected return to the pit dropped him down to 12th, and he just couldn’t recover from that.

Vettel, the defending champion, has just taken a few days off before returning to the Milton Keynes factory to work with the team and the car. With 18 races ahead of him, he has total faith that he & Red Bull will defend their titles.

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Easter Opening Hours At FastFit Station

While we hope your Easter is full of fun and relaxation, things don’t always go to plan, and just in case you need some car tyres replaced quickly, or even a last minute car service or MOT, we thought we should make sure you are aware of our Easter Opening Hours.

FastFit Station (all three sites)

Good Friday: 8.00am – 4.00pm
Easter Saturday: 8.00am – 5.00pm
Easter Day: CLOSED
Bank Holiday Monday: 8.00am – 4.00pm

Whether we see you or not, we hope you have a fantastic Easter break, and all the chocolate you want!

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Local Events – Auto Trader Easter Thunderball

A couple of the members of our team will be at Santa Pod Raceway over the bank holiday weekend. Will you be joining them?! Running from Friday 6th to Monday 9th April, it will be an action packed weekend, full of things you should never attempt with your road car unless you’re after a hefty car service bill including new tyres and new brakes, and that’s if it survives the experience!

The Easter Thunderball is the start of the Drag Racing season, so you can be sure there will be Drag Racing. In fact, it will be the first round of National Drag Racing championships for both cars and bikes, and as well as the serious stuff, there will also be 300mph Top Fuel Dragsters and Nitro Funny Cars going head to head across the quarter mile.

You can also expect to see Monster Truck carnage, the record breaking Jet Funny Car, a whole variety of demonstrations including freestyle motocross and a drift show. There is also lots to do for the whole family – a festival circus, fun fair rides, face painting and ceramic workshops. There’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy!

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