Looking After Your Milton Keynes Exhaust

Here at FastFit we will help you to take care of any exhaust repairs or maintenance. Exhausts need to be looked after as the daily round town shopping sprees and school runs really take their toll on the exhaust. If most of your driving is local stop and start journeys you will find that soot builds in the exhaust system. All this soot then starts to build up in the catalytic converter in a petrol car or the DPF (diesel particulate filter). These filters are both designed to help the environment and making cars greener.

The advice from the manufacturers for diesel cars with the DPF is that they need to be driven for a reasonable distance at a reasonable speed. Once every two to three weeks the vehicle should be driven for about twenty to thirty miles. This should be done at dual carriageway or motorway speeds. This will blow the built up soot out of the exhaust, and is recommended for petrol engine cars too. Making sure this happens on your diesel car fitted with a DPF is imperative. The costs of regeneration or replacement DPF are definitely something you want to avoid! This is why sometimes when you are following a diesel vehicle and the vehicle in front accelerates you can see a puff of black smoke.

Your vehicle will also be tested for emissions when you come to your MOT. It’s recommended to make sure your car has a nice warm engine prior to the MOT test. This is important as the vehicle will be revved hard during the test. With a warm engine there is less chance of any damage to the vehicle.

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Behind The Scenes With Milton Keynes MOT Testers

Strict guidelines are imposed on vehicles to make sure that they are roadworthy. All vehicles that are three years old and older currently have to be tested yearly. The MOT test is a requirement to drive your vehicle on the road. You also cannot tax or re-tax a vehicle without a valid MOT certificate. So how qualified do you have to be to be an MOT tester?

  • An MOT tester must hold a Full UK driving licence for all the classes of vehicles they want to test.
  • They must be a skilled mechanic with at least four years full-time employment in vehicle repair and service – of the vehicle types that they are to test.
  • They must have no unspent convictions for any criminal offences in relation to MOT testing or in connection with the motor trade. Also any acts of violence or intimidation.
  • They must be otherwise of good repute.

To become an MOT tester the individual must pass the VOSA two day assessment course. This will allow to test classes 1 and 2, for classes 3 4 5 or 7 the tester will also have to pass a further test NTTA Nominated Tester Training Assessment.

Even when all the tests are done and complete all Milton Keynes MOT‘s testing stations and MOT testers are still monitored by their local VOSA officials.

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Milton Keynes MOT & How Suspension Works

Part of your Milton Keynes MOT test is based on your cars suspension system. So how does it work? Well obviously your suspension is a major part of the car and the components make up an important part of the MOT test.

The suspension takes all the forces and pressures that driving creates. A tonne plus of vehicle bouncing around and going over pot holes etc takes its toll on the suspension. The shock absorber is one of the most important parts of the suspension and without it the car would be uncontrollable. The suspension springs build up so much energy as the car is driven and without the shock absorbers the car would bounce around uncontrollably. This is where the shock absorbers come in to their element. The shock absorber is made up using a cylinder filled with hydraulic oil and fitted with a piston rod. As the vehicle moves and bounces on the suspension springs, the piston compresses the hydraulic oil to take the force.  The force slows down the pressure on the springs, allowing the driver to retain full control.

The Control arm is another part of the suspension set up. The wishbone or an arm are other names for this part. This part is to locate and and secure the wheels to the frame of the vehicle. Each wishbone, which has two mounting positions to the frame and one at the wheel, bears a shock absorber and a coil spring to absorb vibrations.

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Manufacturers Warranty and Servicing Rules

FastFit offers local Milton Keynes servicing for all manufacturer makes and models. We also record your service history to prove the service was done in line with the manufacturers recommendations.

Around ten years ago a new regulation hit the motor industry. Block Exemption was created to prevent car dealerships having full control of the sales and service market place. Cars that are under a manufacturers warranty used to be subject to servicing by the franchised dealership. So for example, if you bought a Vauxhall or any other make you had to go back to a Vauxhall garage for servicing and repairs. The previous rules did mean that if you went outside the dealer network whilst the car was under it’s manufacturer warranty that the warranty could then become invalid. This resulted in there being less choice for the consumers. The Office of Fair Trading is now in charge of regulating all of the Block Exemption policy.

Although these rules have been around for nearly ten years there are very few people that really understand how they work. The rules now state that you no longer have to use a franchised dealer for servicing as part of the warranty. The work can be carried out at an independent garage as long as that garage uses manufacturer approved parts and correctly follows the manufacturers service schedule. This means the customers have the choice of different service centres and all at greatly reduced costs.

You need to look no further for good old fashioned Milton Keynes servicing and when it’s time for your vehicles first Milton Keynes MOT.


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It’s Not A Mini Recall It’s A Massive Recall!

BMW is to recall 235,000 Minis worldwide. The recall should be remedied at a main dealer, but needn’t interfere with your car servicing schedule at your local Milton Keynes FastFit Station (Don’t forget to book soon to take advantage of our double discount offer. Available for a limited time only!). BMW have said that there is no need to worry about driving the car before you manage to get an appointment at a dealership.

The problem, which affects around 30,000 cars in the UK, could potentially cause a fire. The recall is affecting all Cooper S and John Cooper works built between March 2006 and January 2011. The fault has been identified as the electric water pump.

BMW which bought out the British Rover group in 1994 acquired Mini as part of the Rover deal. BMW sold Rover back off to a venture capital group in 2000, although the Rover group has since collapsed. All of the 30,000 owners will be contacted within the next few weeks, with an invitation to have the water pump replaced free of charge at a main dealer.

The water pumps have a potential issue with the wiring to the water pump. In extreme cases the wiring can heat up and smoulder. BMW have said there is only a small chance of any issues and the vehicles are still safe to drive. They have assured us that they are unaware of any injuries or accidents connected with the electric water pump.

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Duration between MOTs to Possibly be Extended

Government departments are looking at reducing the financial burden on motorists. They have been looking into the option of extending the duration between MOT tests. I am sure we are all in agreement that we would all prefer the government to reduce fuel duty! The current system of the first MOT due at three years and then every year after is under review. The proposed scheme would see the first MOT completed when the vehicle is four years old and then only every two years there after.

Various motoring organisations have completely condemned this idea, with the argument that there would be thousands of illegal cars on the road. Although many manufacturers recommend vehicles are serviced annually, some vehicles are on a two year service schedule or even on a digital service schedule. FastFit Station offer local servicing in Milton Keynes for all manufacturers. The proposed change could potentially mean we wouldn’t see some cars not in a workshop for two years! Think about those unchecked brakes stopping (hopefully!) at all the Milton Keynes roundabouts! Not forgetting all the other items we check on an MOT test that require the vehicle to be on a ramp. It is highly unlikely that someone at home could check out the vehicle’s steering and suspension system.

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MOT re-test rules

FastFit is your local, Milton Keynes MOT test centre. The new look MOT test certificate came into effect on Monday 17th October 2011. The changes were mainly a cost saving exercise. The new MOT certificate is printed on to plain paper whereas in the past the MOT was printed pre-supplied certificate. With the MOT recorded on the computer system the police and local authorities can check to see if the car is MOT’d by checking online. A vehicle can now be taxed online as the system can check for insurance and MOT from one database.

Where a vehicle fails its MOT Test and stays at the Test Station in order to
undergo repairs, only a partial re-examination will be required, provided the
re-examination is carried out before the end of the tenth working day after the
day of the initial test. This re-examination will be free.

At your local FastFit station we also take care of servicing Milton Keynes’ cars and repairing their brakes. With our good old fashioned service and great prices we know you will love what we do!

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FastFit Station Milton Keynes Are Having January Sales

Amazing double discount on servicing at FastFit Station Milton Keynes. This could save you up to £150 of your next service. So as well as looking around the shops at Kingston and spoiling yourself it is definitely time to spoil your car! We have three locations around Milton Keynes, including Kingston just beside Tesco. We also have conveniently located branches in Bletchley and Wolverton. With our Milton Keynes MOT offer of only £39.99 we can definitely help save you money. Our servicing prices start from as little as only £89.99 after our double discount price applied (normal price £119.99). We have great offers on replacement of your brakes and exhausts in Milton Keynes.

As well as saving you money we are all about putting our customers first and offer all our customers a pre-bookable collection and delivery service along with our courtesy cars. Your time is precious so we will get you a freshly brewed tea or coffee and have wifi available so you can carry on with your work whilst we work on your car. If you have to bring your children with you, we have a small playroom with a few books and toys to keep them entertained.

We also provide you with a FastFit station service history book. Vehicles with service history could be worth up to 10% more when you come to sell or part exchange your car.


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Caring For Your Sports Cars & Hot Hatches In Milton Keynes

Here at FastFit Milton Keynes we understand that if you like fast cars, and are lucky enough to own one, you have a passion and love for your car. We also love Sports Cars and Hot Hatches! That’s why we are offering double discounts on all Milton Keynes servicing deals this month meaning you could save upto £150. We also offer a collection and delivery service and we promise we will look after your pride and joy! FastFit is all about convenience and good old fashioned service. We offer courtesy cars should you require one, although these are not likely to be sports cars!

We can change or upgrade your vehicle’s sports exhaust, as we know what a difference a great exhaust can make. Great sound and great performance, it just makes driving a pure pleasure. We also take pride in our work replacing brakes and we can even fit sports calipers. Our team can help you make your car look everything you dream it to be, just get in touch and we can discuss all the various options we can offer.

At your FastFit station Milton Keynes we also offer MOTs. Our Branches are based in Bletchley, Wolverton and Kingston and we have a mobile tyre fitting team who can come out to you at a time and date that suits you. We look forward to meeting you and your motor soon!

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New Style MOT Certificate In The New Year

If you have had an MOT in Milton Keynes since 16th October 2011, you will have noticed that the MOT certificate has changed. The main reason for the change of style is to reduce the cost of the certificate itself. All UK MOT certificates are now printed on plain paper in a landscape format. With all MOTs held on a secure central database there is no need for expensive paperwork. The police have access to these systems to check to make sure all the cars on the road are safe and legal.

Your MOT test certificate proves that on the day of the MOT test your car was in a legal roadworthy condition. It does not mean that your car is legal in between MOT tests. A lot of people assume that just because there car passes its MOT that it will be ok for a year until the next MOT test. This simply is not the case so you should always be vigilant for any potential problems with your vehicle and bring it to FastFit Station Milton Keynes for repairs and regular car servicing. On the day of your MOT your car will either pass or fail; there are no partial passes! If your car passes you will be issued with an MOT certificate, otherwise if your car fails you will be given a notification of failure.

If you had your MOT carried out at a FastFit Station and it fails on a minor issue, you can bring it back for retesting for free the next working day. Alternatively if you have any more major repairs carried out with us you can leave your car at FastFit Station and have the MOT retest carried out for free within ten days.

Failure to keep your MOT up to date could result in a fine of up to £1,000 or a fixed penalty notice of £60. Remember you will need your MOT certificate to tax your car. If you lose this you can apply for a duplicate certificate for £10.00, or apply for your road tax online instead.

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