How your DPF filter works

Diesel particulate filters are designed to remove soot from the exhaust gases of a diesel engine vehicle. The soot is taken into the filter and it is designed to be burnt off by the heat coming from the engine. The idea being that the more harmful diesel particulate matter does not escape into the air. Some DPF filters can get blocked over time if the are only run at low speed, although one advantage of exhausts in Milton Keynes is that they are generally run at reasonable speeds between our many roundabouts! This helps the regeneration process where the exhaust effectively clears itself out.

Most cars fitted with DPF filters have a warning light that will show on the dashboard. This light, which is usually an orange light, will mean the filter will either need regenerating or cleaning or even replacing. The manufacturers all recommend that a vehicle fitted with a DPF filter should be run once a week at a reasonable speed for a reasonable period of time. This would generally mean a 20-30 mile run down a motorway or dual carriageway should complete this process. If a DPF filter requires cleaning manually then this is done at additional cost as the process requires the removal of the built up soot.

The advice given is to those people that are choosing diesel engines for their frugal fuel consumption is to first consider how many miles a year the vehicle will be travelling. The type of mileage is also important as around town driving will not allow the system to regenerate. If you are not naturally doing the miles and you have a diesel car you do need to complete a journey of 20-30 miles a week at a higher speed, and failure to do so could cost a lot of money!

If you think your exhaust may need work, you can book your free exhaust check with us. Here at your local FastFit station Milton Keynes we not only do exhausts but also car servicing and brake fitting & last but not least MOTs at all our Milton Keynes branches.

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Red Bull Wins Constructors Championship

Red Bull’s team work strategy has paid off this year winning both the drivers and constructors championship. Red Bull, who are based in Milton Keynes certainly seemed to have had wings this season. With Sebastian Vettel holding records for being the youngest driver to have ever been on the podium so many times in one season. We are looking forward to seeing what Red Bull can pull out of the bag in 2012. Red Bull Milton Keynes are servicing their cars are under lock and key so that none of their trade secrets escape.

With Red Bull’s F1 team now having its own shop, you can buy your Mark Webber t-shirt or look the part sporting your new Sebastian Vettel rain coat. Red Bull as a company have really made an impact and using F1 to front its high energy drink looks like a recipe for success. In the 2011 season Sebastian Vettel lead the race across 739 of the 1133 laps which is a record! Along with his 15 pole positions, another record!

The team also had to work out strategies based on track temperatures which varied by 30c. Germany had the coldest track of only 13 degrees and Abu Dhabi had the highest recorded temperature of 43 degrees. When working in such extremities tyre choice is vitally important, especially as the average life of a dry tyre was 120 miles! I certainly would not want their tyre bill!

Here at your local FastFit Station. We support Red Bull employees by offering an additional discount off our Milton Keynes MOT‘s and Milton Keynes Exhausts & Servicing. Also with all our roundabouts you will need to update your Milton Keynes brakes! We might not be able to get the pit stop done quite as quickly as the Red Bull team, although the fastest pit stop for 2011 goes to Mercedes who managed it in a staggering 2.82 Seconds! We will make sure we give you our good old fashioned service.

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Good Old Fashioned Milton Keynes Servicing

Here at your local FastFit FastFit Station Milton Keynes servicing is at the forefront of what we do. It is not just about looking after your car. FastFit is all about looking after you, our customer, and we understand how important good old fashioned service is. We like to go the extra mile. Whilst your car is in for its MOT we will offer you a nice fresh cup of coffee or tea along with some biscuits to keep you going. There is also a viewing area, so if you’re interested you can watch us completing the MOT test on your car.

If you need to do some work while you’re with us you can use our Wifi free of charge. Why not bring the children over, with our play areas and lovely clean facilities we are sure they will enjoy the experience to. While you are with us if there is anything you are not sure about with your car just ask and we will take a look. After all it is better to be safe than sorry! For example we will check out your brakes as we do see higher brake wear in our town. Rest assured as all our work is guaranteed as well.

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Christmas Opening Hours at FastFit Station

Your local FastFit Station will still be open for business during the festive season, so if you have any car trouble, need replacement tyres, or if your have an MOT or car service due, then give us a call or pop in to book an appointment. We also offer FREE winter checks to keep your motor running smoothly during any Christmas travel.

We are open the following hours over the Christmas break, book now for your MOT;

  • Christmas Eve 8.00 am – 4.00 pm
  • Christmas Day – Closed
  • Boxing Day – Closed
  • Tuesday 27th –  8.00 am – 4.00 pm
  • Wednesday 28th  – Normal hours 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
  • Thursday 29th - Normal hours 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
  • Friday 30th - Normal hours 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
  • New Years Eve 8.00 am – 4.00 pm
  • New Years Day – Closed
  • Monday 2nd Jan – 8.00 am – 4.00 pm

With Free Wifi available you can still work while we work on your car. We also have a children’s play area so the children won’t get bored either. Make sure that you pop in to ensure your car is prepared for the cold winter spell. During a service will also check to make sure that your car’s brakes are in fine working order. Brake pads and discs wear over time. With hard braking the brake discs can warp and this can lead to brake fade. We will check your brakes as with our many roundabouts these tend to wear quicker in Milton Keynes.

From all of us at FastFit we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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Looking After Your Car on Milton Keynes’ Roundabouts!

Milton Keynes has somewhere in the region of 300 roundabouts. Because it’s built on a grid system, Milton Keynes is one of the easiest towns in the UK to navigate – even during rush hour you can easily drive from one end of Milton Keynes to the other in no time at all compared to most cities. However, the constant accelerating and braking from all the roundabouts can take its toll on your brake system.

At FastFit station we will make sure that your car service is carried out quickly and professionally to ensure that even the taxi drivers are back on the road and earning money as soon as possible. With a fast moving town like Milton Keynes being hard on tyres and brakes, exhausts however do not suffer as bad as some towns. A good long blast along one of our dual carriageways certainly helps to keep them clear.

If you ask most people what they know about Milton Keynes most people will either say about our roundabouts or our concrete cows. The concrete cows have been around 32 years and have had an interesting past. With the three cows and three calves that were created by Liz Layh now in the main shopping centre, there are still some replica cows out near Bancroft on Monks Way. As you would imagine over the years the cows have been vandalised and one was even beheaded. Once they were also painted pink and one of the calves was held to ransom. The kidnapper wrote to the local paper for a demand but no one knows if this demand was ever paid, and the poor little calf was never returned. Someone must have a calf in their garage somewhere reminding them of their crime!

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Red Bull’s F1 Team Back in Milton Keynes

Saturday the 10th of December was a massive day in Milton Keynes. 60,000 people attended Red Bull racings big show where World championship driver Sebastian Vettel and his team mate Mark Webber got to drive their F1 cars through the streets of central Milton Keynes. Red Bull racing’s team principle Christian Horner was also out to help celebrate his teams performance in the 2011 F1 season. Unlike the rest of us they would not need a pit stop for Milton Keynes servicing as they only had to drive the cars a couple of miles!

Red Bull has had a great season, not only have they won the Constructors Championship, Sebastian was the winner of the Drivers Championship. Mark Webber is no stranger to the podium though and bagged first place in the Brazilian Grand Prix. He has spent the last ten years racing the world’s circuits and was 4th in the driver’s standings for 2011. Although 2011 was definitely Sebastian’s year, with an astounding 11 wins out of 19 races. With the Red Bull team producing record breaking pit stops throughout the course of the season, let’s hope they did not need to replace their brakes in Milton Keynes with all the skidding around they were doing during their show.

Red Bull are based in Tilbrook, Milton Keynes. Although Red Bull racing have been around since 2005, the team was previously Jaguar Racing in 2000-2004. The Ford Motor Company purchased it from Jackie Stewart. Whilst Ford’s outlay from the team was millions it did not really see a return on its investment as the team struggled to re-create the magic from when it was owned by Jackie Stewart. Jackie & his son Paul formed the racing team ‘Stewart Grand Prix’ in 1996 and after only three years sold the team on to Ford Motor Company. Jackie Stewart who is a three times over world champion is now retired but is still on TV every now and again.

The FastFit team support our Red Bull boys and wish them the best next season! Come and visit us in Milton Keynes for car servicing, MOTs and repairs for all aspects of your car. Our all-inclusive prices can’t be beaten and our good old fashioned service is second-to-none.

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Tips for Driving in Winter

Winter driving can be stressful and challenging at times, with limited visibility and difficult road conditions changing the way we respond to hazards and the way our cars respond to us. To help keep you safe during the colder months, we’ve put together a few winter driving tips. Of course, one of the most important things to do before winter sets in is to keep your car’s MOT and service schedule up to date.

When driving in snowy or icy conditions do ensure that you keep your fuel topped up, the last thing you want if you get stuck in the snow is to get cold. At least if your tank is full you can sit and keep warm whilst waiting for assistance. It is also a must have to keep a warm waterproof winter jacket in the vehicle and a blanket. Another recommendation is to keep a shovel in the boot so you can attempt to dig yourself out should the need arise. Driving in snowy conditions takes a lot more concentration than normal driving. Keep things that may distract you out of the way. Changing a CD or changing the track on your MP3 device is really not important and should not be attempted whilst driving in extreme weather conditions.

Drive smoothly, do not drive too fast, as you could lose control, equally drive too slow and you could loose momentum and get stuck. Do not rely on your brakes as you would in normal driving conditions, as the braking distances are a least doubled if not trebled. High revs from a stationary start will just lead to your wheels spinning, causing skidding, so smooth acceleration is key. Stay in higher gears where possible to help reduce the chance of wheel spin especially from standstill. Finally make sure that you use your lights to remain visible especially if the snow is still falling. Fog lights can be used in reduced visibility as long as they are switched back off when the weather improves.

For all your Milton Keynes Exhausts, Servicing and MOTs you can trust FastFit Station.






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The Importance of Seat Belts

A seat belt, or safety belt as it is sometimes referred to, is the main protection that you will have should your vehicle be involved in an accident. This is why Milton Keynes MOT stations are randomly checked by VOSA to make sure that all parts of the MOT test are carried out and this includes seat belt operation.  MOT testers have to check that all mandatory seat belts are in place. They also have to check for type, condition, operation and security. If any of these parts of the seat belt are not up to the required standard your vehicle will fail its MOT.

Whilst it is a law for you to wear a seat belt where there is one fitted in the car there are some exceptions. They are as follows; you are a driver of a vehicle who is reversing or passenger in a vehicle who is supervising a driver who is reversing; a vehicle being used by the emergency services; a passenger in a trade vehicle and you are investigating a fault; a driver of a goods vehicle who has less than 50 meters between stops; and a licenced taxi driver who is plying for customers or carrying passengers. There are also medical exceptions that allow a driver or a passenger in a vehicle not to wear a seat belt. Seat belts will also be checked during a Milton Keynes service here at your local Fastfit Station.

The legislation was recently changed in 2006 around child seats. Children under 12 years old and 135cm must be in an appropriate child seat. Rear facing child seats cannot be fitted in a front seat where there is an active airbag. The only exception to these rules are if the child is being carried in a taxi or is transported on an emergency journey.

The penalty for offenders is a £30 fixed penalty or up to £500 if the case goes to court! Don’t risk a fine or the danger to yourself and your passengers and ensure that your seat belts are in good working condition. You can ask your technician to check your seat belts whenever you bring your car in to a FastFit Station for a free check, an MOT or a car service.

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Book Your Air Conditioning Service at FastFit Station

When did you last have your car’s air conditioning serviced? And why should you? Well, if you don’t keep your air conditioning working up to standard you will be wasting fuel on a system that is ineffective, not to mention potentially putting your health at risk if bacteria builds up inside the unit. At FastFit Station, we can perform an air conditioning service as part of your car servicing, or as a separate service.

Air Conditioning units lose up to 10% of the refrigerant gas per year. This is lost naturally through the air conditioning hoses and connection elements. Even by the time the car reaches 3 years old and requires its first Milton Keynes MOT, your air conditioning would have lost 30% of its initial refrigeration gases. This would cause a noticeable difference to the cooling capacity of the vehicle.

During the air conditioning service the refrigerant is discharged. Then a visual inspection is carried out to ensure that all the major components including the hoses and connection elements are all OK. The system is then recharged with the specific amount of refrigerant gas as specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer. A functional and leak test is then carried out on whole of the air conditioning system.

Air conditioning is just as important in the winter months as it is in the summer. Turn the air conditioning on and direct the air flow to the windscreen. Turn the heat on full and the windscreen will De-mist. This is why air conditioning is listed by some manufacturers as a safety feature.

There are several ways to spot a potential problem with your air conditioning unit. If you feel that cooling performance has reduced over time this is a tell tale sign that an air conditioning service is required. Also increased fuel consumption during air conditioning usage can show that the air conditioning compressor has been switched on to often and for too long. Cars fitted with climate control will automatically turn the air conditioning on or off as required, so these type of units will try to keep the vehicle to a certain temperature. If the refrigerant gases have escaped this means that the car will work harder.

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Free Winter Checks and Half Price Servicing and MOTs!

The temperature is dropping and it is time to get your car ready for winter. Here at FastFit Station we offer FREE winter checks to make sure you’re safe on those icy roads. We’re also halving the cost of car servicing in Milton Keynes to help with that pre-Christmas budgeting! Hurry as the offer is only on until the end of December! Oh, and if your MOT is due, you should also have a look at our special Milton Keynes MOT offer for only £20.00!

The reason you should prepare your car for winter is simple. If you don’t it could let you down when you most need it. Being on the hard shoulder or broken down in freezing weather conditions is definitely no fun. Although without a winter service it could be a reality.

The most important part of winter servicing is checking the car’s antifreeze. Most engines rely on water to cool the engine. Water is pumped around the engine and then taken through the radiator. Small fins in the radiator cool the water as outside air is pushed around the fins. If the right protection of antifreeze is not within your car you could find that crucial parts of your engine freeze. This could lead to the engine itself developing cracks and then failing leaving you with an enormous bill! Wiper blades also need to be checked as they can freeze to the windscreen. Then you turn the wipers on the rubber then splits and the wiper blade is then defective. Also tyres need to be checked as the cold weather can affect the tyre pressures. It is also strongly recommended that any tyres that have less than 3mm should be changed prior to winter. The 20p test will tell you how low your tyres are. Simply put a 20p coin in the main groove of the tyre if you can see the outside boarder of the coin the tyre is legal. If you car is getting close to this then it is best to get it checked by an expert.  Another important check is your brakes.  At Fastfit we will check your brakes!  We call them this as with all the many roundabouts brake wear is particularly high in Milton Keynes!

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